Why You Should Climb A Mountain To Heal Your Broken Heart

If there’s just one thing we can do to instantly heal our brokenness, that would make our lives so much easier. But alas! Healing a broken heart is not as easy as cooking an instant oatmeal or ramen. Healing, like any natural process, takes time.

I’ve had my fair share of  heart aches in the past. Whether it involved a lover’s quarrel, family squabbles, or betrayal, heartbreaks are never easy. It can leave you scarred for the rest of your life. But just like anything else in this world, we can always choose to move forward and heal our brokenness.

Someone asked me, “Would you go mountaing climbing if you were broken-hearted?” Without hesitation, I answered,”Climbing mountains is one of the things that I love to do, whether I am broken hearted or not. But for broken-hearted people, I highly suggest mountain climbing because it is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in this life. Reaching the summit after seemingly endless hours of knee-bursting trek is one of the best feelings in the world. When climbing, you won’t remember all the pain inside your heart, because you are focused on reaching the top. It may not heal your broken-heart right away, but it’s enough to keep your heart beating once again.”

A few months ago, I had the chance to climb Mt. Lanaya in Alegria, Cebu. If this mountain was a man, I would say, he is probably the most drop-dead gorgeous man I have ever met. Oh the majestic view of the vast greenlands! My words will never be enough to describe its beauty.

Yet, at that moment, I was carrying a heavy cross in my shoulders. It was as if I was drowned by a sea of sadness. My heart was heavy and numb, but I did my best to hide everything. I was not going to spoil the beauty of the mountain because of my troubles.

So I climbed. And continued to climb. Because climbing mountains does wellness to your heart. It is a good cardio workout, one that does wonders to your body physically and mentally. Healing a broken heart is a tough journey which definitely takes time, but so does reaching the summit of a mountain. The important thing is to keep on going, keep on climbing, and after several hours, you’ll not notice, you have finally reached the top. Savor every painful feelings that you feel as of this moment, because once you reach your destination, all of them, will be replaced with a new one. Feel everything; that is an essential part of the whole healing process. That is why when I climb mountains, I do my best to be always mentally present; listening to the sound of birds singing and trees swaying, basking to the beauty of it all.

It took me a long time to write about my experience in Mt. Lanaya, because I was not well during that time. I was too demotivated to write about it. But looking back, seeing my pictures of this majestic mountain, made me realize that I am now healed from my broken heart. Because I can finally say that my journey to Mt. Lanaya was one of the best. The feeling is like seeing colors for the first time.

In the end, I learned that the secret is to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for feeling the negative emotions. You have allowed yourself to dwell on dark and treacherous emotions. Don’t stay there.

Forgive yourself. Climb a mountain. Keep that heart beating – once again.

  • Charrr.. climb mountains to enjoy life! Move on na Han hahaha

    • hannafrej

      Hahaha nka move on na po. 😉 Dili ko maka write ani kung wala pa. HAHAHA

  • Its very rewarding when conquered something beyond your imagination. I guess I should engage to this kind of activities, hasta broken heart man sad maayo. Broken wallet kaha, mada?

    • hannafrej

      kanang broken wallet Sir knahanglan jud nag divine intervention. HAHAHA

      • Hahaha.. Well, sa unang panahon, people worship the mountains. Dako kaayo chance naay divine intervention. Yay! Lets go to the mountains. Climb. Roll 😀

  • Kanindot sa akong feeling pagbasa ani, Han! Ikaw na gyud! Pero wa pako ka climb gyud bisag kaisa. Kanus-a kaha ang first LOL

    • hannafrej

      Thank you, Jan! Start lang sa mga easier nga mountains like Sirao Peak or Mt. Naupa. 🙂

  • hishiddenletters

    Contemplating if I need this or not. Hahaha!

    • hannafrej


  • WanderingFeetPH

    Well said Hanna! Climb a mountain to heal your brokenness. It was also last year June when I climbed Mt. Lanaya, just 3 mos after the moment I felt down. Ug didto ko nag sugod ug kuyog2 na sa NCR Trekkers.

    • hannafrej

      Well, I hope your heart is healed now. 🙂

      • WanderingFeetPH

        Of course. It’s been almost a year nagud. And daghan nakog friends. Hahahaha

        • hannafrej

          Chos. Ikanta nalang ta na’g… City of Staaaaars… Hahaha

  • “Forgive yourself. Climb a mountain. Keep that heart beating – once again.”

    Nice! Great advice Bean! Those people don’t deserve to have you in their lives anymore. 🙂

    • hannafrej

      True! Thanks, Trixie. 🙂

  • Emelie Anggoy (of Emelie Empir

    Next time if ma broke ulit heart ko, mag-climb na ako. But looks like hard na ma break ang heart ko this time geng harharhar. It appears na ako ang mag bi-break ng heart(s) ng iba HAHAHAH #feeleHere

    • hannafrej

      Hahaha grabi siya oh

  • Congrats Bean for conquering whatever heartaches you’ve been to. Lanaya is one of the best mountain in Cebu that I would always love to revisit. And I would agree with you that reaching the summit always one of the best feeling. Tends you to forgot your problems in life and move on. Char.

    • hannafrej


  • Wandering Soul Scamper

    Well said hanna bean. The feeling when you are in the summit is inexplicable. You can really appreciate and contemplate about life. What I love about being in the mountains is that you will be more true to yourself and become carefree. Congrats on conquering one of your biggest enemy. But the good thing about heartaches is that, it only means you are still human. Charness 🙂

    • hannafrej

      Hala uy, maka pakpak man sad ta ani nga comment. LOL

  • Hahaha. My broken heart is not the romantic kind though. Mine is more of “brokenness” from being an adult. Ugh. Life is exhausting and, oftentimes, climbing is the best way to forget about it, even for a while. 🙂

    • hannafrej

      Me too, Pam. My friends do not believe me that I was broken-hearted because of something else, not because of that break-up. Ni add lang gyud to siya LOL. But yeah, adulting is hard and if only we can let go of our responsibilities without compromising the lives others, sus! hahaha. Cheers to more katkat, Pam!

  • hannafrej

    Well, niagi pud ko ana nga stage, Suhtz. HAHA. I’m just thankful that climbing mountains helped me a lot, too. 🙂

  • Ramzy Magbitang

    I didn’t get to climb a mountain during that time in my life, but I did manage to spend quite some time in the outdoors when I got to go home to our province for a few weeks. Something about getting in touch with nature really just helps clear your mind and helps you see things in a better perspective.

  • Reading this blog made me look back and relish on the reasons why I climb the mountains especially if I am brokenhearted and hurt. You made me realize that I should move on and not dwell on the darkness that surrounded my life. I definitely find climbing mountains an avenue for me to be a better individual and forgive the people who had hurt me. I will continue the climb since this is the only way I can find a diff perspective.

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