Travel Essentials Series

Travel Essentials Vol. I: Disposable Underwear

This is not a sponsored post or anything. It’s just that I’ve been a loyal consumer of this product ever since I discovered it. 😀

I have always hated doing the laundry. In fact, if there’s a store that sells disposable clothes, I am 100 percent sure that I will be their number one customer. That’s why when I learned that Watsons PH sells Disposable Underwear last year, I was damn hell ecstatic.

I learned about this amazing invention a month before my trip to Palawan last year. I remember buying a Sunblock and an eye patch when I got distracted to an unusual packaging labeled “Disposable Underwear”.

Huh? I never heard of such a thing. I got curious so I bought it and I fell in love the minute I opened the package. See for yourself. They sure look like heaven to me. 😀

Anyway, I think it’s a travel essential for me since I hate bringing along a dirty laundry back after a trip. I also hate it when I have to wash ‘em undies and then hang them in the CR to dry because heck, it would be too embarrassing to hang it in the window of the hotel. Right?

I bought a dozen of these lovely disposable undies last year and man, I didn’t have any dirty undies when I went back home. I just had to throw ‘em all away. (Don’t worry, its biodegradable baby. *winks)

And the one thing that I really love about this product is that it doesn’t look and feel cheap. Whenever I hear the word disposable before, I always think of something made of paper or something that is not reliable. But I kid you not, this product is definitely made of quality cotton and it is exceptionally comfortable. You don’t need to worry that it might actually tear or dissolve if you dip yourself into the water. Hahaha.


It only costs Php199 for five pieces. It used to be 7 pieces. I dunno why it’s only five now. Maybe, they think we should just wear this from Monday to Friday. Joke. Anyway, it’s also available for men at the same price.

There are actually two types for ladies. There’s the 100% made of cotton and there’s also the 15% cotton 85% polyester. I honestly don’t know what’s the difference. It’s for you to find out. 🙂


So, what do you think? Would you use this product in your travels?

UPDATE (05/07/2015): Price of this product is now Php149.

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