The Importance of Consistency in Mountain Trekking

Yesterday’s practice climb taught me one thing – the importance of consistency.

The last time I climbed a mountain was a month ago when I went to Mount Palay-Palay or more commonly known as Pico de Loro. A month doesn’t sound so bad, but considering my lifestyle right now, it felt like it was my first time to climb a mountain. I seriously need to re-evaluate my life. Seriously.

When you stop trekking mountains for a certain period of time, your body kind of forgets all the experiences you have had. So when you go back, it becomes harder, which makes you feel like it is your first time climbing a mountain. Just like going to a gym to tone up your body, one most important aspect of successfully trekking mountains is consistency. And it is not easy.

You see, my fellow friends from Malakat Outdoors and I went for a practice climb yesterday in preparation for our major climb to Mount Talinis. I was hesitant at first to join, but I thought, I should join this one, just to, you know, wake my lazy bones up. I can assure you; all the systems in my body woke up yesterday. Even my soul.

img_0851 img_0859

All of us did not expect how HARD the trail was. Spartan Trail is probably one of the most challenging trails here in Cebu City. The first assault was the most difficult for me because we were facing the scorching heat of the sun. There was no shade at all. It was like breathing endlessly of steam. I was feeling funny, but I had enough rest so I guess I was fine. I almost gave up and thought of going back while there was still time.

After eating a bar of chocolate and a bottle of Gatorade, I regained my composure and off we went to continue the climb. There were more challenges later on but hey, it was an 8-hour trek and we survived!

img_0884 img_0891

img_0919Spiderman! Spiderman! The Amazing Spiderman!

When I got home, I’ve thought of all the activities I have done for the past year since I left my office job and decided to work online. It turns out, most of them involved eating out and sleeping. I used to practice yoga once or twice a week before, but now, I only do it once every three weeks. Ugh! I need to get back on track. Or else, every mountain that I climb would feel like the first time.