Stop Waiting For That Defining Moment


There is one thing in my past life that I was really good at.


And if I just stop denying the truth for a second, I am still good at it. So good that up until now, I still find myself sometimes not doing anything. Still waiting. For something.

A few years back, I was so used to the idea of asking God for a sign. I would always seek for some kind of a divine approval from the heavens above before I would embark on something big. I would have prayers like this, “God, let me see something so I will know if this is the right job.” Or, “God, please show me some kind of a sign so I will know if he is The One you have chosen for me.

But life, I realized years later, doesn’t work that way. Asking for a sign that way is using God to validate whatever decisions we have already made. We want God to answer according to our schedule. How often do we choose to do something and after that we pray to God to ‘bless’ whatever we have done?

Stop waiting for a defining moment

Sitting on top of Lugsangan (Casino) Peak. Waiting for something? Ha-ha!

2017 marked a new beginning for me. This year, I made sure to revive, restore and renew my passion for life. The things I left crumbling the past years, I made sure to rebuild it. The things I have not done, I made sure to do it this time.

I told myself to stop settling somewhere between two extremes. It’s either I do something passionately and wholeheartedly or not. I removed muddiness in my vocabulary. And for some time, I did just that. But that doesn’t mean, I already figured out life.

No, my friend. I still haven’t figured out life. None of us has figured out life.

I’ve had a few defining moments in my life and all of them have contributed to the person I am today. But this year, I learned to stop waiting. I stopped waiting for a perfect time – a defining moment. While it is great to experience things to unexpectedly happen, I learned that we get to create those defining moments as well. I spent so many years waiting for an opportunity, a perfect time, a divine sign, to become someone. I missed the whole point that every moment is a chance. A chance to do something meaningful. Something that actually matters.

I stopped waiting for a sign from the universe, answered in a dramatic way for a specific direction in life. Once again, I am reminded that we already have been given all we need in this life. The signs we are seeking? It’s already there. Our hearts and minds are just elsewhere.

If you, my dear reader, have been planning to do something in your life but is still waiting for an inspiration or a circumstance before making the move, I only have one advice to you. Stop waiting for that defining moment and start doing.

This is the biggest lesson I learned in 2017. I still have a lot of growing up to do, but I hope to carry this lesson with me in the next years to come – God-willing.