Should Foreigners Pay More Than Locals?


UPDATE: A few days after I published this podcast, I went on a trip to Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary in Palawan, Philippines. There, one of the caretakers mentioned why foreigners should pay more than locals. She said, “It is only fitting that they pay more than locals. Because they don’t pay taxes.”

I like it when people comment on my blog because I feel validated as a blogger. Haha! But there’s this one blog reader who attacked me because she was angry by the fact that foreigners have to pay more to get to a certain island in the Philippines. As if it was my fault for simply posting the regulated fees imposed by the local government!

At first, I wanted to explain to this reader why locals pay less most of the time when visiting local attractions. After all, this is our home and we should never be charged for simply enjoying our home. I ended up composing so many replies and explanations. But this reader wouldn’t even accept the facts and continued harassing me.

I ended up blocking this reader’s comments.

But it got me thinking. Should foreigners pay more than locals? What do you think?

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