Practice Responsible Travel Blogging

It has come to my attention that a lot of people are saying that travel blogging ruins travel destinations. According to them, travel blogging is one of the factors that contributes to the destruction of the world’s most beautiful spots. They said that if only travel bloggers keep these things to themselves, then there wouldn’t have been an issue with our beautiful tourist spots slowly deteriorating.

While these are unfair assumptions, I would say that these people do have a point. However, I believe that the destruction of our tourist destinations should not be blamed to travel blogging alone.

I started travel blogging with no idea what kind of travel blogger do I want to be. The only thing in my mind was to write travel guides and my narratives, without actually thinking the impact it would make. It was only after I made a travel guide about the Celosia Sirao Flower Farm the day after this place went viral, that I realized my mistake. You see, I wrote this guide informing people how to get there. It was not a lengthy blog post at all. I only listed a few details in bullet points on what to expect when people get there, how much the entrance fee would be, and some facts about the Celosia flowers.

Sirao Flower Farm

My blog was still Laagan Nga Bata during this time, and I did not expect that my blog post would rank number 1 on Google. Right after that, I started receiving emails and Facebook messages every day from people inquiring about the flower farms. In my end, I would also answer in haste without actually thinking that I could have made an influence to these people. I was straight-up guilty when I heard that the flower farm was destroyed due to the influx of visitors. I knew that I contributed to that destruction.

Yet on the other hand, I realized that it was not just my fault. The people who went there could have chosen to be responsible citizens. Instead, some people did not think that their actions would result to a negative social, economic, and environmental impact. But if I had given advice on my blog post for people to be more sensible, who knows? It could have made a difference.

What I Learned About Responsible Travel Blogging

Having said that, I learned that in the end, you can’t really tell all the people how they should behave. But at least, you got to try to inform them. Nowadays, traveling has become easier for our generation because of the Internet. Social media is a godsend to our generation. People can now easily search which place they should go next online.

As travel bloggers, we are the ones who contribute to the content these people are seeing online. We have a social responsibility to remind our readers the importance of taking care of our environment. Always remember to remind them to let the other people experience the same experience they have had in the places they have visited.

After all, travel blogging has never been just about letting other people see the beautiful pictures you have taken. It is not just about achieving those ‘blogger poses’. It is so much more than that.

  • Jullian Robin Sibi

    I believe that bloggers should be very careful as to what they say or do. If we already have enough influence, people will be more inclined to believe us so it is our responsibility to make sure that they will be mindful of what they’re doing in the place that they’re going. 🙂

  • I agree with adding reminders on our blog posts. Sometimes people just need a gentle nudge for them to realize what needs to be done. I can’t blame bloggers though if they (or we) choose to share where we have been. The world is a beautiful place and it deserves to be shared. Sometimes it sucks to know that our fave places would get viral, lol. I just hope every traveler is responsible enough.

  • Thumbs up Hanna for this post. This is a big issue around travel blogging and getting-ruined-destinations. And I super agree that the blame should not be placed on us only! It should involve the the tourist itself and also a few help of the LGU. Every Filipino has the right to see and visit the wonders of our country and travel blogs help promote them.

  • I totally agree with this. But the audience/visitors must also do their part. There are times that I feel like not blogging about the place because of the what might be consequences. But again, I cannot be selfish.

  • People are people hehehe.. Agree with the idea of adding reminders to our posts

  • Channel Imperial

    It’s not your fault Bean. All you did was giving them an idea on how to reach the area. As for their actions, you are not liable to it. Humans have brains and free will and they acted upon their free will when they destroyed the celosia farm. Sure, you are responsible for them when they reached the farm but the responsibility of keeping the farm intact was solely on them when they visited it. The Philippines need discipline as a nation. No wonder we’re still in the Middle Ages of progress up to now. As a nation, we don’t have discipline. We can’t even keep the celosia farm intact without reprimanding people. Geeez!

  • First and foremost, it is not the blogger’s fault. It makes my dugo go bukal when I hear that phrase. It is with other people who does not have idea on how to preserve the wonders of nature.. Errr. Adding reminders to our posts will keep us safe tho. Will do that on my next posts and edit my previous ones haha

  • The age of social media has been helpful to the tourism sector in general. The problem sometimes is that most destinations are not prepared with the massive influx of visitors. This fact sometimes makes me not write about some of my favorite places because it could ruin its beauty. The best place for the best is…..your heart hahahah.

  • Definitely! Travel blogging isn’t really just showing off good photos and letting people what places you have been to. Yes, it’s definitely more than that! And yes, it’s not about travel blogging, but it’s being responsible citizens to take good care of these destinations! Awesome read as always, bean! 🙂

  • Wandering Soul Scamper

    I couldn’t agree more on that Miss Bean. You hit the nail right its head again this time. No matter how we keep those places hidden to the general public, but with the social media in place, it will be broadcast-ed to everyone. It is important also that as travel bloggers we will promote and be an advocate responsible tourism. In that way, no matter how few our readers are, at least we have that influence to remind the tourist to be responsible and respect the place they are visiting. Most often than not, the main problem is on the destinations wherein they are not really prepared to handle the massive influx of tourist riding the hype as what Sir Carlo commented.

  • Maurice Jitty Marimon Villaest

    Okay ra na, Miss! Bisan pa og wala na nimo na-blog, muabot man gyud ang time nga daghan ang makahibalo ana nga place. It should be a community effort nga ma-maintain ang kaanindot sa place. Tourists will flock man gyud kay nindot gud na. The government should intervene na unta and regulate ba para ma-protect ang mga flowers.

  • Ramzy Magbitang

    Good on you for actually having the perspective to take a step back and maybe try to approach things specially in situations which may in fact have a significant impact towards the subject matter you’re putting a spotlight on. At the end of the day, it really is up to the individual’s very own discipline and judgement but as you stated, we can still try. 🙂