Mount Talinis Diaries: Rancho and Kaipuhan Sulfur River

My friends and I spent three days trekking the verdant slopes of Mount Talinis, so that we can visit all the beautiful spots in the mountain. We followed the Apolong route,  which is the second longest trail going to the peak, with a difficulty level that is moderately challenging.

The monkeys warming up for the day’s trek. | Lake Nailig

Right after we decided not to summit the next morning, we packed all our stuff and went back to the same trail we were the day before. After a few hours of trekking, we reached the well-known Kaipuhan Sulfur River. Trekkers following the Apolong trail will pass by this river that is full of sulfuric acid, affecting all the trees in the river area. But, it was astonishingly beautiful to see that there are still green and healthy plants surrounding in the river.

The living among the dead.

As you may all already know, the smell of sulfur is almost unbearable. We only spent a few minutes there to take pictures. We then continued trekking towards our last destination for the day – Rancho.

Rancho is one of the established campsites of the Cuernos De Negros Mountaineers. We were all thankful when we reached Rancho because somehow, the weather favored our arrival. It wasn’t wet at all! The sun was up and we did our best to hang all our wet stuff before the fog will come back. There was also a water source nearby so I finally got to properly take a bath!

We arrived at Rancho way past our lunch schedule. Thankfully, we had an amazing trekker with us who can do wonders with all our food. He made all of us a yummy spaghetti first before he proceeded to cook our lunch proper – sinigang na baboy. Thank you, Jayson. You’re the best!

The boys preparing our food.

These chickens may look cute, but they would mercilessly attack you if you go near them with your food. Bad chickens!

Night came and right after we ate another sumptuous dinner, I immediately went back to my tent. My friends were still jamming outside, but  I just wanted to sleep well that night because of the weather cooperating, unlike the day before. I would have wanted to join them because they were bonding with our guides, and they were also eating wild frogs, which is something I haven’t tasted yet in the past. And if you know me well enough, I like trying out exotic foods despite my stomach problems. 😛

My best friend , Charlyn, and I decided to a bit fun first before we’d go to sleep. It was already foggy at this time, so we decided to do a couple of choreographed dramatic shots inside our tent. Haha!

Our tent looked so spacious in this photo. Hah!

All of us loved our experience in Rancho, and in fact, we all wanted to stay one more night there. Oh, if only we did not have responsibilities to go back to! If I ever get the chance to climb Mount Talinis in the future, I would love to really go back to Rancho.

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  • I’m not sure I can eat exotic food especially frog huhu. Murag na foresee na nako ang mahitabo. Haha. Anyway, the sulfur river is quite interesting and also risky. But good thing other trees and plants still survive despite it.

    Unusual na magprepare ug spaghetti sa camp? Hehe but lucky you kay naay tigluto. Or else, ikaw nasad chef. Lol

    • hannafrej

      Yes, very unusual, but somehow we did it to reward ourselves after two days of trekking. May gani naay tig luto. Hahaha

  • Pagsure oi naka-spag ug sinigang pa jud mo nya major climb? HAHAHA! Indeed the smell of sulfur is unbearable. Katong pag pulang bato sad nako ay. haha. humot utot!

    • hannafrej

      Naka spaghetti pa man gani! Haha. We have one of our climbers to thank for that. Maayo jud siya mu luto. Di siya ganahan mag delata ra mi. hahaha

  • Jullian Robin Sibi

    How bad is the smell of sulfur? Is there a chance of getting sick during the trip itself after going through the sulfur river? 😮

    • hannafrej

      It’s really bad. Have you smelled that acne soap called Dr. Wong’s Sulfur Soap? You should smell it and imagine it 100x. Hahaha


    Let’s eat frogs! I love frogs especially the legs. 😉

  • Ramzy Magbitang

    Haha, I love the instant spaghetti! And the sulfur river looks really cool, too, but I could only imagine the smell one would have to endure while being there. Hahaha

    • hannafrej

      The instant spaghetti was really amazing. Our friend, Jayson, brought with him the complete ingredients (except cheese). Wa abtig 15 minutes oy, hurot! Haha

  • Wandering Soul Scamper

    Haha.. Instant spaghetti.. But yes, during our climb in Mount talinis, the other group i think they are from bacolod, brought with them fruit cocktails. They made fruits salad in there and gave us the other big can of salad. How generous they were.
    And yes, the smell of the sulfur is unbearable and our pictures in the sulfuric rivier is crappy because of the steam. 🙁

    • hannafrej

      That’s what I really love when camping with other groups. You don’t only get to know them, you can also share foods with them. 🙂

      • Wandering Soul Scamper

        yes, the perks of being with other group (sometimes)…

  • Wow, I’ve heard a lot of good deal about this mountain and I haven’t been here. I am intrigued with the strong smell of the sulfur river. You guys seemed to have really a great time.

    • hannafrej

      You should smell Dr. Wong’s Sulfur Soap nalang Lai. And then imagine that smell 100x. Hahaha

  • Ikaw na gyod ang taga bukid, Han. Nindot gyod diay matug sa bukid no.

    • hannafrej

      As in. Mag bukid na pud nya ta #HIBsters. 🙂

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