Of Road Trips, Motorcycles, and ATV’s

For a small girl like me, my friends find it hard to believe that I am a huge fan of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. It’s just one of those random things about me that not everyone knows. I prefer it compared to being inside a van or bus whenever I travel because I love the feeling of being outside. And also, I read somewhere that when driving or riding, being outside does wonder to your mental health.

I first learned how to drive a motorcycle when I went to Bantayan Island – a beautiful island located in the northern part of the Cebu group of islands. Renting motorcycles there is pretty easy and affordable. You only have to spend for gasoline, and you can enjoy driving around the island for the whole day. Although I do not consider myself a good driver, I’ve been hooked to motorcycles since then.

One time, I went on a road trip with friends to Moalboal, and it was one of my best experiences in life. It was my first time to travel down South Cebu on a motorcycle. It took us almost 4 hours to reach our destination, and even though I was not the one driving that time, I still felt the same exhaustion like I was the one controlling the wheels.

That road trip also made me realize how important it is to consider your safety while on the road. We almost got into an accident because of unseen potholes. We were speeding on a quiet highway when drove right straight into it. At that time, I was wearing a loose helmet and almost fell off. Had we got into an accident at that moment, God-knows-what could have happened to me. It was pretty darn scary. That incident pushed me to search for quality helmets when I arrived back to the city. There are lots of discount helmets out there and we should all consider getting one. One must never gamble with safety because if you do, you bet your life.

One of my most unforgettable experience too was driving an ATV on the lahar trails of Mt. Pinatubo. The feeling of driving freely in a vast terrain feels extremely liberating! It was my first time to actually drive an ATV. Driving an ATV may look complicated, especially that the ATV tires are huge, but it’s pretty straightforward. Our guide only taught us the basics for about 5 minutes and we immediately went out to the streets and proceeded to the lahar trails.

I am quite hooked to motorcycles once again, and in fact, I have even researched for aftermarket Honda motorcycle parts as of this moment because of this. It has been quite a while since I drove one and I am not even sure if I can still do it. Haha. I am planning to buy one in the future since I am planning to go on a long-term road trip to somewhere.

Looking forward to going on a motorcycle or ATV adventure once again in the future!

Disclosure policy: This blog post is written in collaboration with Bike Bandit. All thoughts, opinions and personal experiences expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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