Mountaineers are masochists

I’m beginning to think that mountain trekkers are masochists. I concluded this on the last ascent to the peak of Chalet Hills last Sunday. Despite the building pain in the calf, the exasperating weight of their backpacks, the scorching heat of the sun, the unforgiving cold seeping through the bones, and the inevitable obstacles along the way, mountaineers would never stop dreaming of climbing yet another treacherous mountain.

And I believe; I am starting to become one.


Oh, the feeling of finally arriving the peak is just overwhelming. Everything and everybody else will be disregarded. Even your boyfriend. Yes.

After arriving at the peak of Chalet Hills during our basic mountaineering course last Sunday, I told myself, “Leezzz do this all over again!”

This is actually our practice climb in preparation for our major climb to Mt. Kanlaon next month. I joined Malakat Outdoors – an outdoor/travel/adventure club of 1&1 Philippines Incorporated.


Though it wasn’t my first time, it sure felt like it was. The Babag Range, I realized, is composed of tricky hiking trails. With its 60 to 70 degree steepness, you will surely achieve that ‘siga ilong’ moment.

I hope to go back there soon to reach Mt. Babag – the highest peak in Cebu.

Here are few photos that were taken from our trek.







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Our last destination before we went home was the Temple of Leah located in Busay, Cebu City. It is a huge edifice with Roman architecture design (though it was Greek at first) built by Teodorico Adarna as a tribute to his beautiful wife, Leah Albino-Adarna.


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