Lesson learned: Don’t go mountain trekking on an empty stomach. I totally passed out and started shaking while we were still on the trail going to Osmena Peak. Thankfully, I was able to recover after eating chocolates. (Thank God for chocolates) We arrived at the summit at around 5 pm. We set up our tent, took some pictures, ate and watched the sun set before we slept. Totally awesome up there. It was like going back to Baguio City. 🙂

We actually planned to traverse to Kawasan Falls but ended up not doing so (coz my partner thinks I won’t be able to handle the 6-hour walk considering my situation yesterday :P) I really wanted to go but duhh… there’s always a next time. Anyway, the travel was good enough for me. So yeah, you people should go there. Super nice and best place to unwind.