Finding Lusno Falls in Ronda, Cebu

Bean in Transit - Lusno Falls, Ronda, Cebu

A few weeks ago, my best friend and I decided to get out of our respective houses because we got bored. I love working alone at home, but sometimes, I just feel like escaping the mundane routine of life. So in the middle of a busy work week, we decided to explore this less touristy waterfall in Ronda called Lusno Falls.

Prior to this trip, two of the municipalities at the southwestern side of Cebu that I have not explored yet were Alcantara and Ronda. So we decided to check out Alcantara first. We found this beautiful boardwalk near the town center, but unfortunately, there was an ongoing repair that day so we didn’t get to see the tail end. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful place to wander around.

Alcantara boardwalk

With no planned itineraries, we decided to explore the next town which is Ronda and looked for amazing sights there. Lusno Falls was what caught our curious minds.

And as I’ve said, we didn’t plan this whole trip. We had no idea where to go. Fortunately, we got to convince a habal-habal driver to take us to where this waterfall is located. While we were on our way, it rained really hard and the unpaved roads were starting to get all muddy and slippery.

We were both disheartened because the habal-habal ride took about 30 – 45 minutes and upon arriving, it was unclear if the weather would permit us to go even further. We had to settle inside a makeshift roofed bench in the middle of nowhere.

I thought, “Oh, this is going be finally the day my terrible ideas will be flung back to my face.” You see, my best friend and I are terrible at planning so we prefer going to wherever our random mind wishes us to be. And of all the misadventures in the past, the Universe seems to always find a way to let me enjoy everything despite any mishaps. This time, on the other hand, it seemed like we were trapped and we had nothing else but wait for the weather to cooperate with us.

After almost an hour of waiting in the middle of nowhere, the rain suddenly came to a halt. We immediately scrambled our way to a tiny road where we assumed was the road to Lusno Falls.

How very wrong we were.

After several minutes of wading our way through a thick, muddy, and slippery pathway, we found a small water canal leading in two directions. Now, thinking that the water in this canal came from the waterfalls, I initially thought, “Oh, the waterfall must be situated above this waterway.”

But when we followed the direction of where the waterway seems to come from, it led us to two trails which don’t seem to look right. There was a house nearby but when I knocked, there was nobody around. I mean, it was the middle of a workday. The people living must be plowing a farm somewhere.

So my best friend and I decided to take a detour and went back to where the waterway is heading. Because perhaps, going there would actually lead us somewhere.

It actually led us somewhere.

It led us to a rice paddy.

“Of course, Hanna! The water channel was made to sustain a freakin’ rice field,” I told myself in silence.

So after laughing at our ignorance, we took a detour again and went back to where we initially started. We went back to the spot where a house was located and saw yet another pathway going to the rice field. Goodness, this place is so abundant of rice paddies.

After several minutes of wandering around the area, we finally found yet another house, and this time, there were people around. We asked where Lusno Falls is located and they pointed a pathway right in front of us. And I thought it would be the end of our mishaps.

Upon hearing the earthly sound of gushing water, we excited ran toward yet another trail we thought was already the way to Lusno Falls. It wasn’t.

But at least we were getting near. We struggled our way back to the muddy trails and found another small pathway. And this time, it actually led us to the magnificent Lusno Falls.

I was squealing and jumping like a pre-schooler. How could I not? The feeling was a hundred times better than eating a tub of my favorite ice cream. I instantly fell in love with the unique shape of Lusno Falls.

And to add our complete and utter amazement, there were no other people around! I immediately took off my clothes and crossed the stream of water to get closer to the waterfall.

Bean in Transit - Lusno Falls, Ronda, Cebu

I was laughing and jumping with so much joy when the falling water stream touched my skin. It feels good to act like a kid with no care in the world from time to time. And as a reward to our struggle in finding this hidden waterfall, we really took our time to take pictures under the waterfall curtain.

Sorry Pops. I’m showing too much skin here.

I’m looking forward to yet another escapade in the middle of a busy work week. 😉

How to get there (and actually get there haha!)

Lusno Falls is located in Ronda, Cebu but is closely situated near the border of the municipality of Argao. So you can get to Lusno Falls from either of the two municipalities. You will need to ride a bus at the South Bus Terminal, but please take note that Ronda is located on the southwestern side of Cebu and Argao is on the southeastern side. Otherwise, you might find yourself riding the wrong bus.

If your jump-off point is Ronda, go to the town center or market and find habal-habal drivers who can get you there. The fare is around 100-150 pesos per person.

On the other hand, if you prefer to start in Argao, inform the bus driver to drop you off at the junction going to Barangay Anajao. From there, you will be able to find a lot of habal-habal drivers who can take you to the road going to Lusno Falls. The fare is 100 pesos per person.

Once you arrive at that small road going to Lusno Falls, I highly suggest asking the locals for clear directions so you won’t get lost like us. There are no signages (as of this writing) and there is even no entrance fee.

Enjoy and please, #LeaveNoTrace.


  1. Very nice falls! It looks the the 5th level of Aguinid. There are so many beautiful wonders hidden in less-visited places like Ronda.

    1. Indeed! It looks like the 5th level of Aguinid. 🙂

  2. woowwwww… I amazed with this sentence from your blog, “I immediately took off my clothes and crossed the stream of water to get closer to the waterfall.” 😀 😀 😀 ma feel nako ang inyung excitement when you reached, finally, at Lusno Falls. I missed Ronda so much.. My last Ronda staycation was 14 years ago and I enjoyed mostly in the coconut trees and the rural living with my relatives on my father’s side. There’s another reason why I should visit Ronda again. Your blog post is great, Hanna! The Universe is with you.. hahaaaa

    1. Wow, I didn’t know you’re from Ronda. I was told there are still a lot of hidden waterfalls in Ronda. You should visit Lusno Falls soon, Drin. 🙂

  3. Mao diay ni ang setting sa mga pang FHM pix, haha! Pero kanindot kay walay tao plus the excitement of finally getting there is fulfilling. Ma remember nako atong trip to Bugho Falls, hahaha. Kanang almost there na but not quite, then if makadungog og water kay ma excite. LOL. Nice pud ang mga rice fields!

    1. Hahaha maka excited jud ang tingog sa water. LOL.

  4. Secret Tip:
    When exploring far-flung and non-mainstream falls, it is best to go to the higher levels first before taking a dip. I was lucky twice, so far to follow my instincts in not impulsively dipping into the waters since there maybe “creatures” (Ang Kaba!) taking a dip on the higher levels. This happened to us in both Lusno and Pityak/Kanghalo Falls. 😀

  5. Wala ko ka sagang. Karon rako nga naa diay hidden gem sa Ronda. And oh, the beauty! <3 I would also agree that it is somehow the same as Aguinid's level 5.. (Y)

  6. Emelie Anggoy (of Emelie Empir

    Wow ka nice sa falls! Wow ka hot sa chix, wetwew <3

  7. Uhm. Murag mas maka-comment man siguro ko sa mga pictures sa end sa article. HAHAHA. Anyways, mas nindut kaha ni adtuon kung summer time? Kuyawan ko if in-ani nga time ko muadto hehehe.

    1. Feeling nako mas sayon iadto ug summer kay dili lapok pero hinay sguro ang agas sa falls. hehe

  8. Dang … those pics! I have to go back to the rice paddies then scroll fast downwards to the comments.

    Anyway nice adventure and nicer bikinis! 🙂

  9. Nindot na kaayo ang akong pagbasa when those photos started to show up, I was totally lost in transition hahaha.. Leche! Bitaw, the falls is very nice and as always, bucket list rani kutob nako. I hope I can make it next year.. hehehe

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