On Knee Bursting, Toe Crushing, Back Breaking Treks

I just had the best weekend of my life.

I went back to Osmena Peak and traversed to Kawasan Falls once again. Same mountain, same trail, but you see, every climb has a different story.

A couple of days ago, two of my friends from Latvia, Inga and her husband, Ernest, arrived here in Cebu. We chatted on Facebook after Inga found my Osmena Peak – Kawasan Falls guide. It’s their first time here in Cebu and I wanted to make their stay memorable, so I decided to invite my adventurous friends from Malakat Outdoors too.

We reached Osmena Peak at around 3 or 4 PM, which is unusually early for me because we usually arrive at this mountain at sunset. Our friend, Jayson, who has become our official chef in the group started to cook dinner for us.

Giggles and Laughter

We had a festive dinner when Jayson cooked chicken adobo, pinakbet, and sisig!

Before Jayson became part of our group, we were pretty much contented eating canned goods in every climb, but ever since he joined Malakat, he always prepares us these delicious dishes that you won’t even feel you are in the mountains. Thank you, Jayson! For feeding all of us. As always. Hahaha.

It was so cold when night came, and because I was already a little tired, I decided to sleep early. But a few hours later I woke up and found out that my friends were having fun drinking and dancing under the night sky! For the first time in my life, I joined in and had one of the best nights of my life.

They told me that what happened in Osmena Peak, stays at Osmena Peak. But what can I say? You are all unfortunate to have a blogger friend. Don’t worry, guys! I’m not posting the video showing all your crazy dance moves that night. Hahaha!

I woke up early at dawn and saw a glimpse of the ethereal beauty of the moon. I wish I had a better camera to capture it.

We had a quick breakfast before we started our trek to Kawasan Falls. Now, if you haven’t tried walking all the way from Osmena Peak to Kawasan Falls, let me give you an idea. It is knee-bursting, toe-crushing, and if you are carrying a heavy load, it is also backbreaking. The majority of the trail is downhill so it is expected that you’ll be having that ‘penguin walk’ right after.

But that’s just what I love about trekking mountains in general. I don’t mind the pain at all. I do it despite everything because it makes my heart beat differently, and I get to think a lot along the way. Call me a masochist, but nothing compares to the feeling after an arduous trek.

About half-way through our trek, we stopped at this store to buy some refreshments and found a vendor who just had harvested their carrots. We got ourselves one for each and ate it as trail snacks!

Ernest trying to carry this 40-kilo basket full of carrots.

And behold! The turquoise waters of Kawasan Falls. | Inga and Ernest

The feeling once you arrive at Kawasan Falls is incomparable. I’ve been to this place for the nth time, but I will never get tired looking at its majestic beauty.  This trek is also special because we got to beat our record of arriving at Kawasan before 3 PM! We usually arrive later than that, so this means all of us were pretty fast during this trek.

Oh, what a great weekend that was!


  • Travel as much as you can while you’re young! 🙂 That’s one big lesson I learned. 🙂

  • hishiddenletters

    Those food looks so tasty!! I haven’t been to Osmena Peak yet. I hope I could pay it a visit soon. 🙂

    • hannafrej

      Adto nya ta ninyo puhon, Sean. Bunyagan nato inyong mga new sapatos ana hahaha

  • Haven’t been to Osmeña Peak yet and based on your description, it must be one challenging trail from there to Kawasan Falls! 😀 I bet the cold waters of Kawasan feels so refreshing afterwards.

    • hannafrej

      Going to Osmena Peak alone is easy peasy. But the trail from there to Kawasan is definitely challenging. Makapang hambog jud ka basta maka survive ka. Hahaha

  • This was absolutely wonderful! It’s amazing to see how blogging makes you connect with people. I hope I could conquer this trail too! I’ve heard this one’s pretty challenging. 🙂

  • The place is still magnificent. I was interested about the carrots and the food <3 HAHAH .. I want to go to osmena peak jud. the last time i went there, we failed to reach the top kay gimpang kapoy ako mga kuyog. haha one was sick and it was raining. so wala jud igo rami tunga kutob. 🙁

    • hannafrej

      Sge lang, puhon. Daghan pud sa CBC ang ganahan muadto. 🙂

  • Wandering Soul Scamper

    I’ve been to Osmena Peak countless times already and every visit offers a different experience and lessons. But all of my visits were really great, guess it boils down to who who are with in your journey that will make the worst even better. Even a journey under the strong typhoon or rain will transform into an amazing one when you have the right company with you.

    For sure, your visitors will go back here in the Philippines. And oh, the food looks… waaahhh I’m hungry, why?

    • hannafrej

      Yes, they are indeed coming back. 🙂

      We are just lucky to have Jayson in the group, because without him, di jud mi kasuway lami nga food sa bukid. Haha

  • Mygash, I can only imagine the fun you had hiking through that trail. Plus, lami kaayo tanawun inyong food, hahaha, probably mas lami gikan pd gutom 😛

    • hannafrej

      Ana jud na. Bisan unsa pa’y sud-an, bsta gigutom human lakaw, kay lami na tnan. HAHAHA

  • Finally you got your baptism on drinking. I would be interested to see your dance moves. I am pretty sure it was one of your best treks in the past couple of months. Hopefully in the next trek you won’t be 3rd wheeling anymore. 😉 Happy Birthday! 🙂

    • hannafrej

      Hahahuhu. Mga dance moves nga waleyyyy!

  • Channel Imperial

    It’s good to know that you have considered it as one of the best nights of your life. Looking forward for you to experience more Bean Hanna Laagan! You deserve it! 🙂