I Don’t Take Photowalks Seriously

Now before you throw rocks at me, let me explain. *winks

If there’s one fact that a lot of people don’t know about me, it’s that I am not exactly a fan of photo walks. I like walking, and I like taking photos, but a photo walk, on the other hand, is a different story.

If you don’t know what a photo walk is, let me quote this definition that I found from Wikipedia.

“Photowalking is a communal activity of camera enthusiasts who gather in a group to walk around with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that interests each photographer. These events usually take the form of a designated walking tour with a planned route or map.”

I like taking pictures whenever I travel for the whole purpose of documenting it. And when I am taking photos, I am not exactly methodical about it. If it looks good to me, I’m fine with it. If others like it or not, not really a big deal. So suffice it to say, I am not the type of person who has ‘the eye’ for photography. I can say this because I have so many photographer friends and wherever we go, no matter how dull the place is, they can really capture something interesting and I don’t.

Most photo walks that are organized around me are usually focused on street style photography. For me, street photography is capturing life on the streets. And for several years, capturing life in motion is not something I am particularly good at. I prefer to take pictures of nature. That is the reason why the photowalks I’ve joined in the past, don’t happen in the streets.

I recently joined Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk 2017 last week because it was held in Danao City. I joined this photo walk not because I want to join the contest. Danao is a town in North Cebu that I haven’t explored yet. So this photo walk was an opportune moment to check out this city.

My friends and I left Cebu City early at dawn to catch the sunrise in Danao. We arrived as scheduled and it was a perfect moment to catch the beautiful colors of twilight. It was my favorite part of that trip.

The rest of the day, we walked around the streets of Danao City and looked for interesting things to capture. We visited the church, the public market, and a mangrove swamp. We also visited the Ramon Durano Foundation Compound which is a religious monument that houses several busts of every Catholic pope.

Here are some of the snaps that I took.

Sidlak, in English, means ‘brilliance’.
Several varieties of dried fish displayed in the public market.
A lady frying a local food called ginabot or chicharon bulaklak, which is basically pig’s intestines. I know. That may sound unappealing to some, but it’s one of the favorite street foods here in the Philippines.
This is what a ginabot looks like before they are fried.
I’ll be honest. They sure look scary to me.

Photowalks, for me, is a way of getting out of my comfort zone. I am not really a photography enthusiast but I always press myself to do something new.

Don’t take life too seriously. Don’t take photo walks too seriously. Unless, of course, if you want to win a contest. 🙂