I’ve always wanted to try new things and evolve as a content creator. For the past two years, I have been experimenting with other platforms to feed my curiosity and creativity. Creating a podcast is one of those things that I’ve always wanted to try. I figured that it would be the best platform for me to talk about topics that are beyond my travel stories. BeanBites is a podcast that talks about mundane stuff, life lessons, and my own experiences.

Creating consistent content while juggling other things in life to making a living is not easy. If you want to help, I would appreciate making a contribution to keep BeanBites running.

You can support BeanBites by making a one-time contribution via Paypal or you can also be a per-episode supporter on Patreon.

Why contribute on Patreon?

Other than helping a creator continue doing her craft, supporting BeanBites on Patreon will give you access to special bonuses.

For $5 Patreon supporters, you will have an exclusive access to a Private Podcast. You will receive access to a personal link to my private feed so you can play it in your regular podcast app.

Other Ways to Support

If you can’t afford to contribute monetarily, you can still support BeanBites by subscribing to my podcast, sharing my podcast episodes to your friends, and by leaving a review.

I appreciate any support and contribution you have for this podcast. Thanks for helping me create a valuable content I can be proud of.



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