My Spirit is Still in Transit

I had an interesting conversation with my sister a couple of days ago while we were on our way to a barbecue house in Guadalupe. We were talking about getting attached to certain places. Perhaps, the place where you were born, or the place where you met the love of your life. We got into that conversation because she mentioned that I have never had this attachment to places, most especially our residential house in Escario. By the way, we no longer live there. Both of us live independently, and we have lived separately from our parents since we came of legal age.

Facing the island of Negros. My favorite spot at the Southernmost tip of Cebu.

As our conversation progressed, she said that she kind of misses the daily grind there. She mentioned some memorable daily scenes in that neighborhood. I, on the other hand, never missed our house. In fact, it was so easy for me to leave and then live in a shelter for abused and abandoned children to volunteer.

That got me thinking about what I remembered during my meditation that morning. It isn’t exactly a new revelation, but something that I had forgotten for a long time. It has something to do with attachment. To things. To people. To places. To dogmas. To anything.

The only way you get attached to these things is when you find yourself there. Attachment happens when you constantly seek yourself, your happiness, or the meaning of your life on these things.

Attachment to ideologies…

I used to be extremely attached to a certain ideology. An ideology that promotes division between me and other people. My teenage years were spent seeking the Truth in this certain ideology. My life revolved around it that I shut down a lot of people in my life all those years ago. To be honest, I did find happiness there. But the world is round, and eventually, my beliefs changed. It took me a long time to get detached from that certain ideology because that was the only thing I have believed for so many years. But when the day I realized that the Truth is within me, it was only then that I finally lost the attachment.

Attachment to a person…

When you rely on your happiness to another person, aside from yourself, chances are, you will never be truly happy. I always hear these words anywhere, “Never look for someone to complete you.” Which is absolutely right. We do not need anyone else in our lives to be whole. We already are. Imperfect, but definitely a whole being.

It took me a long time to actually detach myself from someone despite how emotionally exhausting it was because I was in constant search of my place in the life of this person. Attachment. It’s the saddest story when it is the only thing that has been keeping you in a relationship.

Never be a ‘half’. Be with another person as a whole being… and because you genuinely love them.

Attachment to worldly things…

A lot of people have become slaves of the pleasures of this world. It can either be your love for money, your hobbies, your job, or anything. I see so many fathers working their asses off, forgetting they have wives and children waiting for them to come home. All because they have solely dedicated their lives to their jobs. I’ve seen wealthy people suddenly losing their will to live when their wealth is suddenly taken away. They could no longer identify themselves without their wealth.

But you know, getting attached to something isn’t wrong, so long as it doesn’t destroy any lives. There’s a reason why it exists. We are humans after all.

I have always taken pride in myself for not getting easily attached to places I travel to, which is probably the reason why I am comfortable to live anywhere. Throw me anywhere and I’ll build my home there.

I may have a knack for not getting attached to places, but I can get quite attached to a lot of things too. For instance, I am so attached to this blog with all my heart and soul. So attached that I will die if someone will take this away from me. I have been blogging for almost 9 years and this has become literally my life now. Blogging is a constant thing in my ever changing world.

Let me end this post by saying this; Never seek to find yourself in things. Everything is within you.