Since most of my school mates were  Mass Communication students, the ABS-CBN Studio Tour was like the ‘main event’ of our 5-day Luzon Tour. Did I already mention I’m the only English Literature student among 50 MassCom and LiaCom students? A few months before the trip, we had a meeting at school and our professors told us that we will be able to watch ABS-CBN programs and visit the studios where these programs are shot.

We were so excited because initially, we were scheduled to watch Showtime live. However, we were so disappointed because it didn’t happen. Two days before we flew to Manila, our professor told us that our schedule for Showtime had to be canceled because 90% of the graduating class are not coming and we still have to pay their seats even if they’re not there. Huhu.

We were also expecting to watch other programs live but we were so wrong. We only got to see empty studios and hallways. Yes, we saw some popular personalities but we were not allowed to take pictures of them or bother them especially if they are using their phones or if they have important places to go to. As what our tour guide said,”They’re here to work like any other people.”

The only show that we saw live was Ms. Jing Castaneda’s 3 pm flash report. And it was so brief… because well, it’s a flash report. Haha

Anyway, I did learn some things during the tour.

1. ASAP and Showtime Studio are so small. Not really small but it’s still small compared to what you see on TV. The stage where the Showtime hurado’s sit and where Jhong Hillario always jump into the air is actually just 4-5 feet high. And I always though ASAP Home Studio is so big that could cater thousands of audiences but heck no! I don’t know what to compare it to, but it’s really small and the stage is not so grand as it looks on TV. It’s all in the camera lens baby… the power of camera lens…

2. ABS-CBN Newscenter-Manila is so coooold. I wonder how newscasters manage to report without chilling… I forgot the name but there’s this kind of aircon they place in the studio to keep it super cold since there are a lot of computers (and the sort) and it needs to be well-ventilated. Otherwise, the studio will blow up.

3. The newsroom is super awesome. Oh yes! With all those high-tech computers and I-don’t-know machines, it certainly looks like one of those Marvel films. Haha. I got to see how the camera men use their tools and how broadcasters talk and pause while reporting live.

4. Popular personalities don’t stay long in ABS-CBN Center. Some actors go to different places for their tapings. Only those who have matters to attend in studios were there. In fact, we only met Ms. Jing Castaneda, Pinky Webb, Jugs, Teddy and Eruption.

5. Most of the audiences of Kris TV, Minute to Win It are paid audiences. If you want to be one of those audiences, you have to be a PT – Professional Tambay. You have to be one because ABS-CBN will call you anytime they want you to be there. And it’d be hard if you have a regular job. Your job is actually very easy. All you have to do is sit there, clap, laugh, or shout if you need to.

Here are some of the photos I took during the tour. Sorry for the bad quality, I was using a crappy camera that time. 😛






Jing Castaneda reporting at ABS-CBN Newscenter Manila


Kris TV Home Studio


Minute to Win It Studio


PBB House


Studio 9 – Asap Home Studio