A Rant: Things That Annoy Travelers

Traveling is fun and exciting, yet what a lot of people don’t know is that it is not all glitz and glamour. This thrill and excitement could sometimes wear off especially when we are faced with annoying mundane things during our actual journey to our destinations.

For instance, there is one thing that really annoys me all the time when I’m traveling.

When my charging cable is either too short or too long.

I’ve experienced it quite a few times when I am in a hotel room. I needed to charge my phone and the cable is too short it couldn’t reach the outlet. Or when I am charging my phone to my power bank and my charging cable is too long it gets jumbled up with all the stuff inside the bag. These are pretty mundane things and shouldn’t even be called ‘problems’ but when you encounter them on a regular basis, it can often get pretty annoying. Especially when you have other things going on in your trip that isn’t going exactly as planned.

That’s why when I travel now, I bring more than one charging cable in different length. I reserve a long charging cable but when I am in transit, I use this short Capdase’s POSH 2-in-1 Sync and Charge Cable so it won’t get tangled with my other stuff and I can easily carry it with me. I also realized the importance of this charging cable for me because I can easily interchange it to charge an iPhone and Huawei phone. Moreover, shorter charging cables are known to provide fast charging capabilities which is what we definitely need when we are on the road most of the time.

I still have a long list but let’s hear the things that annoy some traveler friends when traveling.

“Traveling is my passion. You get to see interesting places, experience cultural diversity and meet new people. Well, traveling is not just about that. It’s fun and enjoyable when you see pictures on Instagram, and videos on YouTube but you don’t know what’s behind the camera. As a Travel Vlogger, I’ve had issues and worst nightmares on my journey that annoys me a lot. One of which is Getting Offloaded in Immigration. Yes, it’s the worst thing that can happen. I’ve been almost offloaded with Immigration three freakin times and it was life-changing. The Philippines Bureau of Immigration is a lot stricter than the other Immigration officers I’ve dealt with so far. They need a lot of convincing that you’re returning back to your home country. Well, it’s been a highly controversial issue as it goes against the Filipino citizens right to travel. Moreover, on my travels abroad I’ve learned my lessons and it taught what are the things that you should be prepared for to avoid getting offloaded in Immigration.”

– Meljean Solon, Travel Vlogger
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/meljeansolon

“We were so lucky to have witnessed this place before it was known and ruined. You should have been here before. You should have traveled early to witness the untouched beauty of the place before everybody does.”

That would be very wonderful. To witness the place in which it is far more amazing, beautiful and more local than it is now. But those times—at your time, I was, maybe the woman who has no money yet to financially support my travel expenses. And, got no time to try and see as much of the world as possible because I was a student and a working scholar.

We have our own time zone—stop competing with other travelers.What’s the best we can do is be a responsible traveler—not just for the purpose of bragging it to social media and all. A traveler is the one who scratches the surface of the places they visit, sometimes. But, being a responsible traveler is to go deeper than a surface. Volunteer some of your time on guiding others who got overwhelmed and lost their responsibility when traveling.

– Leonidas Teaño, Travel Blogger
Blog: https://laagsparkles.wordpress.com

The moment the plane has landed there will always be people who will stand up even if the seatbelt sign is on!

I will be honest, on my first few flights, I’m doing this one. Maybe because of conformity! Almost everyone is doing it here in the Philippines, (or also in other countries.)

Then I realized that we will all be getting off the plane at the same time! Following some rules is not that hard, to be honest. Since then, standing up as soon as the plane landed annoyed me every single time!! It’s because, I can’t see enough reason to get out early, especially if the plane is really small having only one aisle and one door to exit.

Though I can’t stop them from doing this, I can control myself. All I can do is to just follow wait until the seatbelt sign is off and I can safely get out of the plane.

– Roneth Politud, Travel Blogger
Blog: https://theficklefeet.com

Backpacks ready. Gadgets all juiced-up. Itineraries checked! All set and you’re ready to embark on another journey of a lifetime. At the back of your mind, you already have the visualizations. #OOTDs and different poses already well choreographed and planned. Then you finally got your foot on the destination. The smell of the air heightened your senses, then suddenly your travel buddy tapped you. It’s time to pay for the habal-habal. You have searched the entire universe inside your pockets and wallets and all you have is your bank card. Damn! You forgot to bring cash and no trace of working ATM around. Now all you can do is bring out that puppy face and ask your travel buddy to hitch you with all the expenses. That can do if your buddy brought extra cash. Well, what if not?

Cases like this can be very hassle and annoying. Hitching expenses and doing all the accounting after the trip can be very tiring. You have to take down notes on all the expenses. You have to do sacrifices to fit in all the expenses within the bounds of your travel buddy’s extra cash.

Going on a trip, you really have to prepare cash. Cash is not only for emergency cases. Treat it like a necessity and a must. Tip! Coins and change can really make a big difference especially on minute expenses like tricycle fares and a piece of candy! *wink*

– John Jay Bacon, Travel Blogger
Blog: https://wanderingfeetph.com

“That one thing that annoys me during traveling is when I get stomach problems. I love traveling and doing road trips but when my tummy gets rumbling in the middle of nowhere, it really annoys me a lot. When you don’t know where to find a toilet or where to put all those rubbish that is going to come out. When you have to hold it for many hours because there is no toilet available or the bus stop is still far. The feeling of having really cold sweat and chills of over your system. When you have to pray and call out all the saints just for you to surpass the challenge and be able to just sit in a comfy toilet and not shit on yourself, in a bus, with a huge crowd around you. That is why I don’t usually eat and drink a lot during traveling. Cause you’ll never know when it’ll hit you.”

– Martin Tabanag, Travel Vlogger
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/martintabanag

“One of the things that annoy me when traveling is when the battery in my cellphone and powerbank has been used up. I do enjoy disconnection from social media or any form of communication once in a while. It’s fine with me. But I just don’t like having any power with my mobile phone because it deprives me of my fave activity which is taking photos using my phone.

It’s my only way to preserve memories and document happenings I have encountered while traveling.

I experienced this recently while traveling in Canigao Island with my friends. All my gadgets were power-empty. I was frustrated and dismayed for not being able to capture photos of the night sky full of stars. So I just went inside the tent and slept and let the night pass to take away the sadness of my being.”

– Glister del Socorro, Travel Blogger
Blog: https://chasingpotatoes.com

Most people recommend trekking sandals because it holds better than other types of footwear and I usually travel with it because my shoes are damaged and I find it more comfortable because my feet is exposed to open air so it’s more refreshing than wearing a shoe. However, it really annoys me when the strap suddenly tightens. I don’t know how or why but it hurts my thumbs even more. What I do is to take it off and loosen up the straps and wear it again. Minutes or hours after, it gets tight again. Sometimes, I just don’t wear the strap for the thumb because it hurts so bad already. Hopefully, manufacturers design the sandals better and it doesn’t get tightened or perhaps I should get a new one.

– CJ Estrada, Travel Vlogger
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/cjestrada

We needed solitude at times, our personal space, a breathing ground – one of the many reasons why I travel. But with the ever bloating population of the world, it becomes more and more difficult to be alone while traveling. Thank God, earphones were invented. Through the course of my travels, music plays a vital role. It reminds me of the joys and laughters on trails, significant moments while lying on the ground while marveling amongst the night skies clad with constellations, heart-moving encounters with people, and peace of mind when I badly needed it. This is the reason why I find it truly devastating and a helluvaday if I forget to bring with me my earphones. Surely, it’s good to socialize from time to time; but its’ way better to listen to your own playlist that to deal with loud songs played on broken and ear-bleeding speakers of jeepneys and buses. Moreover, earphones proved to be of good use when I don’t want to be in conversation with people. Not to be disrespectful, but there are times when I travel, I just wanted to lean my head on the bus window, feel the air brushing against my face, and enjoy the scenery set before me and not to be obliged to listen to failed romances and rants against other people. Again, peace of mind. So to solve this, I usually bring two sets of earphones when traveling. Just in case the other one messes up, I still have another one to vent my frustrations unto. HAHA.

– Marj Gabuya, Travel Blogger
Blog: dakilanglaagan.wordpress.com

As a female traveler, I find the monthly thing (aka red flag, red days, Aunt Irma’s visitation, etc.) most irritating. It is unavoidable, much like Thanos’ intergalactic journey of destruction. It creeps up on me like a thief in the night each month, bringing havoc to carefully planned itineraries and limited outfit pieces.

Imagine dealing with stain emergencies while gallivanting or finding yourself in a remote area with no ready access to pads. Who would want to admire the great view then or be friendly to strangers when you feel like your whole lower abdomen is being subjected to the full force of space and time infinity stones? And then there are the back pains, cramps, and sudden mood changes. Seriously, I wish there was a service for stopping periods while traveling that I could subscribe to! 😀

– Dannea Moneva, Travel Blogger
Blog: https://www.toploadingforlife.com

Wouldn’t you get annoyed if you knew you unknowingly paid a hefty amount of cash beyond a local would normally pay? I bet you do and it’s downright hysterical.

My friends know me of being a budget traveler who’s very meticulous about itineraries especially the budget. I do a ton of research on it prior to my travel dates so I know every detail — even the minute ones — from local transportation, street foods, travel time frames, and even the cheapest accommodation there is. Information is power as they said. And every time when the culprits of overcharging tried sneaking and lying right under my nose with a fabled tone dripping in conversation, I got all my muscles on my forehead wrapped up with a classical raise of an eyebrow and questionable stare.

Some common inevitable encounters of overcharging, sometimes without even noticing, are those transport schemes and sudden skyrocketing food charges. I had a fair share of experiences of these overcharging every travel. I once had this experience in Siquijor when hunger struck and our group looked for the nearest karenderia. I was about to order a bowl of monggos which is usually the cheapest dish there is with price ranges from P15 to P30 (P30 being the most expensive but rare) and when asked about the price, it was a staggering P50. What??? My eyes almost fell off from its sockets the moment I heard the price. With hunger pangs on my door, I ordered this ‘cheapest’ dish with dismay. I just kept a mind that this had freshly picked from the Garden of Eden or maybe it had a sprinkle of gold dust just to sooth my dismay.

To avoid such overcharging scenario, the responsibility falls on you to properly research the place. Using the internet and advice from friends who once traveled to your desired destination will help you from getting scammed. Culprits regard tourists as walking wallets so interact wisely to avoid an untimely situation.

– James Arthur Adalim, Travel Blogger
Blog: https://asanasadsijames.wordpress.com

Disclaimer: The item mentioned in this post was given by Capdase. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. #Capdaseph #PowerUpYourMobileLife