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Where To Eat in Cebu: Kerrimo Talamban

I am always fascinated with any innovative food businesses. You either have to be always on trend or if not, you need to have something that will always make your customers happy. That is because the food business is such a competitive market. If you do not consider any of these things, it will be a lot harder to stay in the business. That is why I was excited when I was invited by Kerrimo Talamban along with four other bloggers to try their best-selling snacks.

Kerrimo, by the way, is a pun for ‘carry mo’ which means you can carry it. They offer snacks such as fries, hotdogs, nuggets, and drinks in a snack-in-one concept. What makes this unique and perfect is that you get to have everything in one hand. Your food and drink in one!

During the opening day of Kerrimo Talamban, I got to try all of their flavors and even had their Jumbo cup! They have 6 flavors as of the moment: Jalapeno, Cheese, Sour Cream, Tacos, BBQ and Hot BBQ. Of all the flavors I have tasted, my favorite by far is their Hot BBQ and Sour Cream. They also have three available choices for juices; Iced Tea, Pink Lychee, and Orange Juice.

I actually like the fact that they really serve generous servings at an affordable rate. Prices of their snacks range from 45 – 120 pesos only. Their jumbo and grande cups only costs 85 and 120 pesos, respectively, and it’s good enough for 2 – 3 people! Personally, I would highly recommend Kerrimo’s snacks.

Kerrimo has 97 branches nationwide, but Kerrimo Talamban is actually the first in Cebu. I am hoping to see them soon in other parts in Cebu, especially in the malls. As of the moment, they are currently located at Unit 3, 986 Nasipit, Talamban, just right beside the Petron gasoline station.

For more information about Kerrimo Talamban, you may contact them at 0905-553-3906 or visit their official Facebook page.

  • Waaaaah! I love the concept! Unique pd da! Def had to visit and get my “kerrimo” one of these days 😀

    • hannafrej

      Yes! And bring your baby girl with you. Malingaw jud to. Hehe. 🙂

  • Perff jud ni movie moments to avoid spillage ba. haha. Nice concept. I really love it! <3

  • So much pink! Hahaha. Pero hands down, this has got to be one of the most ingenious creations that I have seen in the food industry in recent years. It sucks tho that they dont have another branch closer to the city. This would’ve been a huge hit, especially near the movie theaters.

    Question: How deep do the fries go in the cup?

    • hannafrej

      There’s a mini cup inside the outer cup which separates the juice and the fries. It’s kind of like Yum Yum, but drinks and fries in one. 🙂

  • Quite interesting! This is probably something I will love. Like cowboy style lang kaayo ang kaon. Haha. Pero layo kaayo sa akoa. Hope they will have more branches soon in the city.

  • Amazing! Fries!!! I wanna tryyyy. Bahalag layo aw hahaha

  • Wow! I like the concept of having food and drinks in one cup! This is perfect for people who are on-the-go! I hope they’re in IT Park soonest!

  • Channel Imperial

    The stall looks so pink. I hope the fries are yummy. 🙂